Frequently Asked Questions

How fast will I receive payment upon accepting an offer?

The typical transaction period for the closing process ranges between 10-14 business days.

Do you accept homes in all conditions?

All of our deals are “As-Is”. We take properties in all conditions and financial situations.

Do you buy homes that are currently in forclosure?

Yes, we buy homes that are in foreclosure all the time. As long as there is equity in the property, we can work to get you out of the home before the bank forecloses on the home.

Do you have a size or type of properties that you purchase?

We buy all kinds of homes with a primary focus on single family homes. However, we won’t turn away condominiums or even commercial properties.

Are there any fees or commisions?

There are no fees or commissions dealing with Lonestarhomebuyer.com. No Commissions and Absolutely No Out-Of-Pocket Fees.

How quickly can I receive a cash offer?

Most offers are submitted within 24hrs or less.

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